Selecting the best mexican coffees

By Angel Rivas - ago 13, 2017

The consumer has the last word. Yes, in Premio Sabor Expo Café 2017 they are the ones who choose the best of the best from mexican producers.

It will be in Expo Café, held in World Trade Center Mexico City from August 31st. To September 2nd., where the assistants will choose the best from a selection of seven coffees.

But originally, the eighth edition of the competition that dignifies mexican coffee has received 71 samples from producers in several states like Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca, to name a few.

For this competition there is a first phase where a judge panel of almost 20 persons make a throughly evaluation of the samples, included washed and natural coffees (a natural coffee doesn’t goes through the pulp removal to mantain its fruitness). Through several sesions only seven candidates are elected for consumers.

Tha tasting includes aroma, taste, balance between bitterness, acidity and sweetness, and the aftertaste left.

All these elements need to be harmonic within the infusion, specially at the palate. It is common, but bitterness and acidity shouldn’t be prominent and toasting must let fruitness to glow in the mouth.

Coming up the final winners of the best coffee producers in Mexico.

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