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By Angel Rivas - oct 19, 2017

It is a Tudor house right on one side of the most busiest freeways of Mexico City. How did that happen? Well, evolution never stops and a calm boulevard suddenly was converted into a two story freeway that appears to diminish the Sir Winston Churchill’s restaurant inside this house.

Over 40 years of history are around this clearly site dedicated to traditional british cuisine with some other fancy plates and even a mexican proposal.

Right next to the parking lot the gardens remind you of the Windsor castle maybe, but it looks someone has taken good care of the fountain, the sculptures and the little bushes surrounding the entrance.

Right after the co owner, Jane Pearson, gives you a table a refreshing english beer is ordered to start the line up of dishes.

Promoted in several media, the clam chowder is one of the entrées you must have at your table. Although the picture promoted in a newspaper looks bigger this creamy soup arrives plenty of clams and with a texture that makes you dig in the bowl for more.

A Dijon mustard steak comes right in. The architecture of the plate is modern, but a bit out of date as several vegetables try to give elevation to the overall concept. A dried carrot and potatoes worked in different texture are like a game around the steak.

The quality of the meat and the cooking point can’t be better. Everything melts in the palate and the temperatura is great. The chef must receive an applause as this is something only a master can do.

The bread, sesame, croissant and herbs, is also something you really appreciate from the tasting. At all times, and without being overwhelming, our waiter is staring at what we would need. The only bad part is that if you ask another waiter for something, for any reason he ignores you.

It feels that we are going back to the start by requesting a zuppa inglese (english soup) which is an italian dessert inspired in a british trifle. Maybe the appearance isn’t quite perfect, but any zuppa is. The taste, the exact sweetness, the moistness and the combination of ingredientes (along with the cherry) makes this a favourite.

The plates are really done for a king or a queen.

But after this great enjoyment comes the check and we already expected a large sum. This is an expensive restaurant and everything is really great, but once the credit card is charged you can feel that it is overpriced.

Sir Winston Churchill’s

Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho 67, Polanco

Mexico City

+52 55 5280-6070


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