Oh Chihuahua!

By Angel Rivas - mayo 22, 2020

Winemaking takes place mainly in Baja California, Coahuila and other central states in Mexico. Indeed, Chihuahua never comes to mind, but its production is growing for good.

Some old wineries in this region have transformed their philosophy and started to turn their wines into quality products, pushed by the great wave of mexican wine.

Encinillas is one of the producers that has surpassed expectations and in blind tastings has amazed experts that end saying the typical expression: Oh Chihuahua!.

Close to the capital city, the winery manages 20 hectares where varieties like Malbec, Tempranillo, Chardonnay and other experimental are grown.

The very first vintage comes from 2008 and different labels started to go around consumers: La Casona, Anxelín, Asís, Encinillas…

Weather is quite good for the region, probably the challenges come from haze. Everybody thinks that water is also a problem but surrounding mountains with snowy tops contribute with this element.

With a decade of work, Encinillas has proved that Merlot has become a good variety to grow and have chosen to use only french oak to age their wines. But not only that, the range is growing with other varieties.

The future looks promising and big wineries like L.A. Cetto have arrived to Chihuahua to take proof of the benefits of this land.

Take a pick

Three choices of Encinillas wines.

La Casona

• Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

• Red fruits with a mix of spices and some vanilla at the end


• Merlot and Shiraz

• Ripe red and black fruits along with cassis and vanilla. Good finish


• Cabernet Sauvignon

• A mix of red cherry, raspberry, red pepper, cassis and vanilla. Ripe tannins

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