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Aussies catching up in Mexico

By Angel Rivas - oct 19, 2017

Yes, for mexicans Australia is mainly kangaroos but certainly in later years wines from this nation are really in every wine lover although the availability of brands came short in the last 5 years.

¿Lack of promotion, lack of interest or unaffordable prices? We don’t know really what made australian brands to decrease but the embassy in Mexico and sommelier Sandra Fernández have the intention to push them forward.

The Shiraz variety, the oldest soils fo the world and all the potential of making different styles of wine reside on what mexicans should look for in aussie wines.

From Hunter Valley to Yarra and the great selection that offers alone South Australia makes anybody “thirsty” and looking for a glass of aussie wine.

Fernández gives a thoroughly explanation of all of these terroirs as experts taste brands that wnat to break thorugh in mexican palates: Leeuwin Estate, Angore Family, Katnook Estate, Yalumba and William Randell, among others.

Interest is there as a mexican oenologist, Mauricio Ruiz, has been making aussie wines for the mexican market and is already starting developing labels for the australian market, made there but his own mexican touch.

So distributors and importers must think ahead of time and start thinking on watching these options.

Australia on the rise

Wine timeline of this country.

1844: Penfolds winery foundation

1849: Yalumba winery foundation

1901: Australia enters the Commonwealth of Nations

1967: The importance of Margaret River region begins

1990s: First Geographic Indications are designed

2000: Yellow Trail brand is released

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